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Schreier Interiors Recommends a Fresh Start for 2017

Interior design trends are ever-changing and evolving and the end of the year is the perfect time to reflect.

It’s a good idea to step back a bit and consider what changes you need to make in 2017 to improve your home and surroundings. Indeed, interior design trends are ever-changing and evolving and Spring is the perfect time to reflect.

Try this. Take everything out of the living room. Move the lamps out and do a thorough cleaning. Even the art should be taken out. Then, slowly put the things back into the room and evaluate each piece. It’s amazing how differently you will see the room. Be sure that what you put back into the room is in good condition and adds joy to your life. Edit with a capital E!

Here are a few ideas that will enhance your home in the months and years ahead. These are my own predictions, based on many years of design experience, and you are encouraged to adapt them to your own unique family situation. Think about what you have done in the past and pull together a plan for making changes.

Seek a Clean, Green Environment

The energy is in a space. Just shift things around and see how different it can feel. Let the creativity flow and consider moving items from room to room to achieve a different look.

Plants are one way to improve your environment. Go to a good greenhouse or florist and purchase a large, beautiful plant, have it potted professionally, position it for optimal sun exposure and enjoy the greenery. If you are a fan of elaborate interiors, place the plant in a gold or silver leaf pot.

Be a Color Leader, Not a Color Follower

Every year, designers and paint companies come out with what will be 2017’s popular colors. We tend not to fall into trends, however, and are true minimalists at heart. This attitude is reflected in the color palettes we select as well. For example, we have been designing grey interiors for 5-6 years already and it remains popular in designer homes. We tend to use warmer shades of grey and navy blue and deep rich browns.  The dark colors help make the home appear strangely brighter with the right lighting.

Opulence will be the word for the new year. Metals will remain a huge hit in 2017 and consumers will see more gold leaf throughout the home, including gold faucets, furnishings, chairs and more. In the kitchen, antique brass is popular again. Back in the ‘90s, prints were everywhere – from print sofas to print walls. My prediction is that the big prints in sofas will be back soon.

Simplify, De-Clutter and Embrace Minimalism

Many designers tend to over accessorize with things on every surface. I’m not a fan of that approach or the money and maintenance it requires. Visual clutter should be avoided, in my opinion. There is always space for collections and beautiful objects; however, it’s best to embrace organized fashion. For example, an overdone Tuscan villa can evolve into a more minimal and simple space.  Keep the old classics and give a nod to history!

Lighting is another way to customize the interior and spotlight fine furnishings and objects without adding to clutter. Keep the lighting consistent throughout the home and strive for a bright and cheery atmosphere.

Be Sure your Home is Smart

Technology offers new, unique ways to update your home. From the ability to control draperies and lighting to security and home theater systems, today’s technology is nothing short of amazing.

Companies such as Nest, Amazon, Sonos, Bose and others represent the latest and greatest in home-oriented technology trends. Stay current and you’ll reap the rewards of modern technology.

Paint Goes a Long Way

Editing with a capital E applies outside as well. Little things like painting the front door, glass doors with iron grills and modernizing landscaping with color go a long way. Refreshing the paint indoors and outdoors will work wonders and help jazz up your home’s appearance significantly.

Tile is also a great way to modernize your home’s interior and exterior. We’ve used natural travertines – huge, 36-inch squares (and larger!) – and mixed them with mosaic small tiles. We love metals such as gold and silver inset into tile floors or the use of a strip of gold or brass as inlaid emblems.

Wallpaper is also alive and well. For example, at one home we recently hung thousands of square feet of simple grey wall covering with a texture that added depth.

The Bottom Line

Essentially, the key is to decide what you have and what you want. Remain open minded and realize that every 4-5 years it is important to freshen up colors, add or re-upholster furniture and evaluate window coverings and lighting.  Comfort is king and simplicity is often the best course of action.


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