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Timeless Surburban Town Home

North Oaks, Minnesota

“Jeff is excellent at listening to a client’s interests and making suggestions with that in mind. I’m a Type A businessman and he convinced me to do things I never thought I would do which I now love.  He stretches a client’s thinking and is head and shoulders above anyone else we’ve used. Every time we walk in one of our homes now we smile.”

– Brad Sauer, Naples FL and North Oaks, MN

Design Challenge

Brad and Nancy Sauer purchased a timeless suburban townhome in North Oaks, MN.  While they were downsizing from their large family home in Dellwood and the townhome was new to the family, it was important to create an interior space that was sophisticated and new while maintaining the comfort of a long-time family home. 

Custom Strategy

Jeff Schreier worked with the Sauers to incorporate and creatively display family photos and extensive collections, which represent memories of business and personal travel. The goal was to maintain a clean uncluttered aesthetic that made them smile when they walked in the door.

In addition, Jeff created sophisticated, functional home office spaces for both Brad and Nancy where they would spend time each day. Dark painted ceilings added the warmth and sophistication that Brad was looking for and he jumped on board with the belief that it would not darken the space.

Overall, the design theme Incorporated some of their existing furnishings and artwork but “started from scratch” on most of the main pieces.